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Anchoring At Lake Powell

Anchor to the shore, the right way.

We’re committed to restoring and preserving the Lake Powell shoreline. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. We’re all about helping you do it the right way and avoiding any fines for doing it the wrong way.

Anchoring Houseboat on Lake Powell with Beach Bags
Night Sky over Antelope Point Marina Lake Powell
Antelope Point Houseboat Rental on Lake Powell
Antelope Point Marina Houseboat on Lake Powell Beach with Fire

Anchoring Without the Fine

It is illegal to pin or stake anchor to Lake Powell’s shoreline because it accelerates erosion and can damage boats and injure swimmers if left behind.

Anchoring with Antelope Point

Anchoring with Antelope Point Marina is simple and at your convenience. We can accommodate you and your party from breakwater to breakwater.

Help preserve Lake Powell shoreline and eliminate the hefty National Park Service fine in favor of healthier shorelines.

  • Cost: $250/hour
  • National Park Service Pin Fine: $250/pin (OUCH!)

Anchoring with Beach Bags

We’ve partnered with Beach Bags to ensure anchoring isn’t a daunting task during your stay on Lake Powell.

Beach Bags is a great partner who’s goal is to make anchoring at Lake Powell easy.

Finding a great location and securely anchoring a houseboat are two of the most challenging tasks for houseboaters. And they’ve become more challenging with the low lake levels. Our Anchoring Service eliminates the work and worry for rental houseboaters.

Book Your Beach Bag

Anchoring Your Boat.

We’re here for you. Let’s make sure you don’t receive a hefty fine for pinning or staking to the shoreline. Reach out to us for a solution that fits your Lake Powell vacation.

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