Your dream boat is at Lake Powell

When you’re ready to own your dream boat or trade up, our brokers will walk you through the process and help you find the right fit. We’re here for you!

Houseboats docked at Antelope Point Marina Lake Powell
Houseboats at Antelope Point Marina

Keeping your Investment Secure

Our brokers will work to get you into the right boat, whether that’s owning one outright or owning a share. Our team will help secure your investment with year-round storage and consistent maintenance.

If you’re after a previously owned boat, a part share or outright ownership, a family cruiser or luxury houseboat, our experienced brokers are dedicated to helping you find exactly the right deal.

Let’s start with these resources:

Finding the right boat can be time consuming and all-in-all a daunting task. Rest assured our brokers have many years of experience and will be a dedicated resource for you.

Before we get started, people in your similar situation had some questions that we thought would be helpful to answer.

Is Antelope Point Marina authorized by Glen Canyon NRA broker boats? Yes, we are one of 3 authorized to broker boats.

Does Antelope Point Marina sell their slips? No, it is against the law to sell slips. However, we are authorized to lease slips. See our Slip Leasing page for more info.

Find your Dream Boat!

Contact one of our brokers and let us help you find your dream boat.

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