Antelope Point Marina Services

Enjoy more. Stress less. We’re committed to making your boating experience enjoyable on and off the water. From our valet launching service to our anchoring service and on to our mechanical service, each touchpoint is approached as if we were caring for our own watercraft.

Call 928-645-5900 ext 5070 or 5033

Valet Service

Launch from Antelope Point Marina and get a 30-90 minute head start up lake. Jumpstart on your Lake Powell adventure and fast track your boat launch with our valet boat launching service. No more do-it-yourself launch and retrieval. You deserve better.

Jerry Tsinnijinnie

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5032

Direct line 928.608.4491

Transportation & Towing

We are experts at boat handling on land as well as water. Whether you need transport into the lake or off the lake, let us pamper your boat from Point A to Point B with our professional transport and tow services.

Jeremy Kocjan

Direct line 928.608.4470

Cell 928.640.1662

Guest Service

Antelope Point’s high-capacity carts conveniently whisk you, your gear, and crew from the parking lot to the docks, restaurant and back again.

Autumn Whitehorse

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5073

Direct line 928.608.4457

Boat Brokerage

Our brokers will work to get you into the right boat, whether that’s owning one outright or owning a share. Our team will help secure your investment with year-round storage and consistent maintenance. Our experienced brokers are dedicated to helping you find exactly the right deal.

Tasha Conley

Call 928.645.5900

Direct line 928.608.4471

Mechanical Service

Our factory trained Mercury and Kohler technicians can fix the simplest breakdown, repair major breakdowns, or perform full engine replacements. Our Boat Shop has a parts department and we are vendors for Mercury, Kohler and Westerbeke. Chances are we have your part and can fix your boat’s issue.

Top Shop

Call 928.608.4453


Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5088

Turnaround Service

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5055

Direct Line 928.608.4474

Houseboat Service

We can start with a spring clean and work with you and when you’re ready to set out, we pilot you in and out of your slip and if requested launch and retrieve your boat for dry storage. Our turnaround service takes care of the mundane tasks so you can enjoy a spectacular time with the ones you love.


Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5088

Turnaround Service

Call 928.608.4482

Beach Bags Anchoring

Vacations shouldn’t start out with a lot of work. Beach Bags will meet you on the lake, deploy Beach Bags Anchors in your preferred location, and secure your houseboat to the shoreline. When you’re ready to leave, they’ll come and retrieve the system too.


Beach Bags

Direct line 480.504.0895

Boat Storage

Shelter your boat in our state-of-art, temperature-controlled storage facility or in our 30 acre dry storage facility. Sited less than 100 yards from our own private boat ramp, we offer a general storage area as well as individual units. Enclosed and dry storage available.

Crystal Dugi

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5033

Direct line 928.608.4450

Rodgerick Begay

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5070

Direct line 928.608.4467

Slip Leasing

Come lease a slip on Lake Powell and stay right on the water. We offer overnight slip rentals or private slip leasing. Immerse yourself in the heart of the marina. With a vibrant marina community, restaurant and market place you can’t go wrong.

Overnight Slip Leasing

Marina Village

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5065

Direct line 928.608.4472

reserve online here

Private Slip Leasing

Rodgerick Begay

Call 928.645.5900 ext. 5070

Direct line 928.608.4467


We do salvage, recovery, and towing. If you need any assistance let our salvage team know. Experienced and well trained we can accommodate your needs.


Antelope Point Marina Salvage

Direct line 928.640.2041





Pilot Service

For Pilot service in/out of slip to breakwater, hail appropriate department on Channel 16 when you are ready. In-season hours are 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (AZ time)

Private Side (dock 3&4)

Hail APEX Pilot Service

Turnaround (dock 2)

Hail Turnaround Pilot Service

Apex offers limited availability Up-Lake Piloting. Make your request in advance through Beach Bags Anchors

Pump-out Service

Antelope Point Marina offers a premier pump-out boat service, ensuring a seamless and environmentally conscious experience for all watercraft enthusiasts. The pump-out boat, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, effortlessly navigates the marina’s crystal-clear waters, providing a convenient solution for waste disposal.


Antelope Point Marina Pump-out

Direct line 928.608.4445



contact marina services

We’ll help get you into your dream boat or simply help store and maintain your dream boat. We have a complete service department for every need and we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Questions? We have answers.

Questions? We have answers.

Do you offer "Turn Around" services?

Yes we do.

What are the slip leasing dimensions?

They are 13′ wide by 30′ long.

Do your slips provide power?

Yes, 30 and 50 amp shore power and potable water.

Do you offer covered boat storage?

Yes we do.

Do you offer winterizing services?

Yes we do.

Do you offer long-term and short-term slip leasing?

Yes we do.

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