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Whether it’s sport fishing or zen-like fly fishing, the waters are clear and the fish abundant. Come and hook into a number of varieties of fish.

Danny Vine Fishing Lake Powell
Kayak fishing on Lake Powell

Fish Lake Powell from Land or Boat

Fish year-round! With more than 160,000 acres of fishable water there are many miles of shoreline and the best way to access trophy fishing is from a boat.

Records aside, Lake Powell boasts some of the largest fish in Utah and Arizona. Here are some quick tips for catching some of the lake’s most popular species.

  • Striped Bass: In the spring fish 30-80 ft. deep. When the water warms fish depths of 40 ft. or shallower. Anchovies work well!
  • Largemouth Bass: Best fishing happens April – May and in depths of water around 15 ft. deep. In the fall they move to the backs of the canyons following the Shad.
  • Smallmouth Bass: As the water warms, smallmouth group on gravel or smooth rock points. Spinnerbaits and jerkbaits will produce fish.
  • Bluegill: Small jigs and spinners work great. The best time to catch bluegill is in the spring during the spawn or summer near large broken rock.

Note: when fishing Lake Powell please check all state rules and regulatory guidelines. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call ahead.

  • Channel and Bullhead Catfish: The easiest fish to catch on the lake. Try summer and early fall at night with an anchovy.
  • Crappie: Mostly caught in spring during spawning. Look for them in the back of canyons near flooded brush. Use small spinners and jigs.
  • Green Sunfish: Not targeted by many anglers, these pan fish are aggressive and will hit about anything. Catch them on a fly or bare hook!
  • Walleye: Try early spring to mid-summer using crankbaits or bottom bouncers trailing spinners with a worm.
  • Northern Pike: This one is elusive and rarely caught or seen Good luck!

Fish Lake Powell

Visiting the lake for a houseboat vacation or for nearby attractions wouldn’t be complete without spending time fishing Lake Powell on one of our power boats.

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