Fun Things to do on your Vacation

From hiking to water skiing to houseboating, there’s plenty of fun things to do on your Lake Powell vacation! For a few ideas of what to add to your lake itinerary, check out our complete list of activities below.

Sea Kayak

Lake Powell isn’t your average lake. In fact, it’s really not a lake at all. Its shape is that of a tall tree root, with several “arms” extending miles in the opposite direction. Sea kayaking is a popular activity among people who want to venture out between the narrowing canyons where boats simply can’t fit. Learn more about sea kayak rentals.


A lake activity that dates back as far as the early 1920s, waterskiing gives you just about the same thrills as skiing down a snowy slope


If you’ve mastered waterskiing and want to take your skills to the next level, wakeboarding is the next best thing. Most people say that the hardest part is getting up, so if you can manage to get past step one, you’re in for a real treat!

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) requires balance, patience, and determination. If you have all three, you’ll likely enjoy your SUP experience.


Most people don’t expect to hike during their lake vacation, but surprisingly, Lake Powell offers various hiking opportunities. Some common hiking trails are Rainbow Bridge, Antelope Canyon, Cha Canyon, and more.


What better way to spend your time on the lake than to kick up your feet and wait until the fish start biting? Lake Powell is known to be one of the best fishing lakes in the Southwest. The lake is teeming with striped bass, bluegill, walleys, channel catfish, crappie, and more. Find out where the best fishing spots are at.


Houseboating is our favorite way to experience Lake Powell. With eight different models to choose from, there’s a boat for every group size and budget. Add on a powerboat, a few personal watercrafts, and some kayaks and you have the dream vacation of a lifetime! Learn more about renting your Antelope Point Marina houseboat.


Nothing gets you closer to nature than a good ol’ camping trip. Pack your tent and other camping materials and set up shop next to the lakeshore. View Antelope Point Marina RV Campground here.

Play at the Beach

Grab your shovels and buckets because there will be plenty of time to build sand castles during this lake vacation. Lake Powell has over 1,900 miles of shoreline, many of which are sandy beaches.

Cruise on a deck boat or a pontoon boat

Pontoon and deck boats are a staple to any Lake Powell vacation. With the ability to tow wakeboarders, waterskiers, and tubers, the fun won’t stop until the day is done. Antelope Point Marina offers hourly and daily rentals to suit your needs, check out what we have in stock.

Explore on a Personal Watercraft

Renting a personal watercraft gives you total freedom to explore the lake even further. We suggest renting more than one so your friend or family member can tag along beside you. Learn more about renting your personal watercraft at Antelope Point Marina.

Tour Antelope Canyon

Perhaps one of the most iconic canyons in the Southwest, Antelope Canyon is worth a visit. The towering red walls and sunshine beams make for the perfect photo spot. Take a tour and don’t forget to charge your phone to take pictures!

For more information about fun things to do on your Lake Powell vacation, feel free to give us a call at 928-645-5900 or visit us online at

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