Where to find the secret spots at Lake Powell

More than 3 million people flock to Lake Powell every year, anxious to explore this man-made reservoir that has become an unparalleled vacation destination.

Knowing that it’s such a popular place to visit, you may want to learn more about this lake’s greatest secrets. At Antelope Point Marina, we can help you find the hidden gems where you can appreciate the peaceful, natural beauty that surrounds the lake:

Labyrinth Canyon

Almost everyone who comes to Lake Powell wants to experience the unique and distinct slot canyons, and most visitors head straight to Antelope Canyon to check them out. For those who want to see the slot canyons without the crowds, there’s Labyrinth Canyon. The best way to get to this canyon is to anchor around mile 16, and then take a kayak or smaller boat into the narrow waterway. There is a one-mile hike to the canyons.

Face Canyon

Lake Powell is a popular vacation destination, which means that it can be crowded with tourists and boaters who want to enjoy life on the water. To get away from the packs of people, consider making an excursion to Face Canyon. This is a peaceful canyon with plenty of offshoots that can be explored by kayak or another small type of boat.

Rock Creek Canyon

Those who have come to Lake Powell to discover adventure and indulge in romance will love Rock Creek Canyon. This is a cozy spot with plenty of caves waiting to be discovered. It’s also home to some of the most stunning vistas. As an added bonus, those who love to fish will be able to spend endless hours with their reel in hand as they attempt to catch fresh fish for that evening’s meal. To best explore Rock Creek Canyon, anchor your houseboat and use a kayak to navigate the reservoir.

Lake Powell is yours to explore when you book a stay on a houseboat. There’s no better way to explore the hidden coves of this massive reservoir. Whether you are interested in booking a quiet romantic vacation for two, or you are getting a large group together for a getaway, we have a boat that will make your vacation unforgettable.

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