Servicing Your Houseboat

A turnkey solution for Summer and Winter

Whether you’re looking to get your boat on the water or looking to winterize it, our turnkey solution paired with storing your boat will have your boat ready for any condition. Let us take care of the everyday necessities of boat housekeeping so you can focus exclusively on the fun.

Houseboats at Antelope Point Marina
Houseboats docked at Antelope Point Marina Lake Powell
Houseboats docked at Antelope Point Marina Lake Powell

Your boat, ready for all conditions

We’ll spring clean your boat and stock it with household items ready for you to relax and enjoy.

Summer Ready

We can start with a spring clean and work with you to arrange a fill up of your refrigerator and pantry so you’re fully stocked to take off as soon as you arrive.

When you’re ready to set out, we pilot you in and out of your slip and if requested launch and retrieve your boat for dry storage. Our turnaround service takes care of the mundane tasks so you can enjoy a spectacular time with the ones you love.

Contact Info: 928.645.5900 ext. 5038

Winter Ready

Start by winterizing your boat and storing it away from the harsh desert elements in our Enclosed Storage facility.

Additionally, we also check your boat’s mechanical condition, point out any issues needing to be addressed, and get them fixed on your approval. We keep logs of any repair or maintenance activity so there’s a written record to reference if necessary.

Winterizing your boat is the key to summer fun.

Contact Info: 928.645.5900 ext. 5038

Storing your Boat

We’re here for you. If you need a dry enclosed storage facility for your boat, we have the space.

Other Boat Yard Services

Mechanical Services

Certified mechanics to keep you floating.

Anchoring Services

Anchor responsibly, avoid fines.

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