How to Stay Warm on your Lake Powell Boat Rental

Lake Powell is one of the best lakes to visit in the winter time. Although temperatures do drop fairly low in December, January and February, it is possible to stay comfortable and cozy during the cooler months. Here are some tips from our staff at Forever Houseboats on how to stay warm on your Lake Powell boat rental.

Bring along an electric heater

A small, portable electric heater like these ones can warm up your space in no time. Make sure to keep it within sight and not too close to anything (including yourself) to avoid any potential harm. One or two of these will work just fine depending on how big your boat is.

Pack a couple of fuzzy throw blankets

You can never have enough warm throw blankets laying around in the wintertime. They’re the easiest to throw on and off depending on the level of warmth you’re looking for. Pack a couple of these (maybe two per person) for extra comfort.

Buy disposable hand warmers

Disposable hand and feet warmers are a great way to keep warm when your gloves just aren’t cutting it. We like the disposable ones because they aren’t bulky and can be easily tucked inside your pocket or shoes.

Stock up on the warm beverages

Insulated tumblers filled with hot coffee, soup, chicken broth, or just about anything you can sip on, can help warm you from the inside out. Fill up a couple of these tumblers and keep them nearby for a quick sip to subside the chill.

Cuddle up

There’s no denying that shared body heat can help keep you warm during a brisk day on the lake. Cuddle up to your loved one, or simply sit near your friends for a little extra warmth.

Layer your clothes

Last but not least, we suggest layering your clothes. Some items to wear (or bring along just in case) include a long sleeve shirt, pants, beanie or hat, two pairs of socks, boots, sweatshirt, warm jacket and a wind breaker.

Want to rent a boat this winter at Lake Powell, but don’t want to face the cold all day long? Rent a houseboat instead! At Antelope Point Marina, our fleet of modern houseboats are designed for year-round use. Fully equipped with heating, a kitchen, and indoor and outdoor dining areas, our houseboats are as comfortable in January as they are in July.

Give us a call today at 928-645-5900 or visit us online to learn more.

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