How to plan your Houseboat Trip around Lake Powell Weather

There’s really no bad time to visit Lake Powell. For the most part, the weather is warm enough all year long to enjoy a sunny day on the top deck of your houseboat with friends and family. In the summer, records show that temperatures can reach up to 99 °F, making the water nice and warm for water sports and swimming. However, in the winter, temps can drop as low as 27 °F at night, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Here are some steps for planning your houseboat trip around Lake Powell weather.

Step 1: Determine what activities you want to do

There’s no better way to plan your houseboat trip around Lake Powell weather than to determine what activities you want to do. You wouldn’t want to plan your houseboat trip in the middle of summer if you want to hike around all day. You also wouldn’t want to swim in January (unless you have a wetsuit perhaps).

To help you decide what time of year you should visit, we’ve rounded up a few examples of activities and provided the best time to make your reservation.

If you like to hike...

it’s best to visit when the weather is cooler. Typically, the best months to hike are September, October and November because the temperatures are milder and there aren’t too many people on the trails.

If you like to fish...

you can visit any time of the year. Certain fish are more active than others at times, so it’s important to do your research before you finalize your plans.

If you like to swim...

it’s best to visit when the weather is hot. Summer is the best time to swim because the water is warm and the sun is shining most of the time. The best months to swim are June and July.

If you want to catch the best sunsets...

again, the best time to visit is in the warmer months (May – August), when the days are longer and the sunsets are unbeatable.

Step 2: Decide if you want to avoid the crowds

Holiday weekends, spring break, and summertime are some of the busiest times to visit Lake Powell. If you’re looking for a more tranquil experience, we suggest booking your reservation when the weather is cooler (October – February).

Step 3: Check for special offers

No matter what time of year you plan on visiting, make sure to check out our special offers page or give us a call to see what deals we are currently running.

At Antelope Point Marina, we offer some of the best houseboating experiences on Lake Powell. Whether you’re looking to swim, hike or relax on the deck and watch a sunset, it’s best to plan around Lake Powell weather to get what you want out of your trip. Visit our website to learn more.