How to Have Spring Break at Lake Powell

There’s something about spring break that delights people of all ages. For young students, it’s an opportunity to escape the doldrums of the academic life and to live it up before hitting the books at the end of the semester. For families, it’s an easy way to celebrate surviving yet another winter, and to kick-start a season of carefree fun.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, you’ll find that Lake Powell is one of the best places to visit for your spring break.

Here’s how to have spring break at Lake Powell:

Rent a Houseboat

Waterfront destinations have long been a favorite among spring breakers. But why settle for a hotel with a view when you can spend your entire trip on the water? At Lake Powell, you can rent a houseboat from Antelope Point Marina for the duration of your spring break. It’s basically a floating hotel, with amenities that rival those found at luxury resorts in the most popular destinations.

Don't Forget Watercraft Rentals

While you’ll surely have a great time splashing in the surf off the deck of your houseboat, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a new adventure on Lake Powell. You can add watercraft rentals to your houseboat rental, allowing you to fully enjoy the lake. It’s the perfect time of year to consider booking a jet ski or kayak, because the crowds are smaller during this season and the lake is calm.

Bring Plenty of Friends

Spring break trips are more enjoyable and more memorable when you bring along all of your friends and family members! With houseboats of every size, you can book a trip for all of the kids on the sports team or for all of your friends from the sorority. No one has to be left out of this remarkable vacation on Lake Powell.

During springtime, the air is getting warmer while the water is still cool and refreshing. It’s the time of year when water levels are highest, which makes for excellent boating. Forget the resorts and the overcrowded beaches this spring break. Instead, book a trip to Lake Powell for this year’s spring break. For more information, contact Antelope Point Marina today.