Beyond the Beaches of Lake Powell

When most people think of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, they think of Lake Powell. Here at Antelope Point Marina, we get it; not only is it the second largest manmade lake in North America, Lake Powell is an amazing lake for houseboating and a wide array of other water-based recreational activities.

But believe it or not, Lake Powell is only a small portion of the beauty and recreation that Glen Canyon National Recreation has to offer. Here are two of our favorite things to check out at Glen Canyon, beyond the beaches of Lake Powell.

Over 200,000 people per year visit Rainbow Bridge. Considered sacred by Native American Tribes in the Glen Canyon area, the bridge is an awe-inspiring feat of nature. Standing 290 feet tall and spanning an astounding 275 feet cross the creek channel, Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. The bridge isn’t the only amazing geological feature in the area. If you look closely in the second viewing area, you can see a single dinosaur footprint in the sandstone. Likely made by a Dilophosaurus, this fossilized footprint is close to 200 million years old.

White water rafters currently launch their boats not far from the historic site where the first ferryboat crossed the Colorado River on January 11, 1873. Lees Ferry continued in operation until 1928, helping miners, pioneers, Native Americans, and tourists cross the Colorado. The historic buildings near the ferry site are worth the visit alone. They are what is left of the Lonely Dell Ranch, home to the operators of the Lees Ferry and their families. The historic site includes a stone ranch house, log cabins, an orchard, and a cemetery.

With over 1.25 million acres to explore, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is more than just Lake Powell. When you rent a Forever Houseboat from Antelope Point Marina, you can not only enjoy the lake, but also the historic sites and geological wonders at Glen Canyon. For more information or to book your houseboat, contact us today.

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