Lake Powell water levels

Lake Powell’s water levels have dropped over the past few years, but there’s still plenty of water for the vacation of a lifetime. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what boaters who’ve enjoyed the Lake during the 2022 season had to say in posts on Facebook’s Lake Powell Houseboating Forums.

“… There is still so much water in the lake. We were there in October and were afraid of levels then. Yes, I know it’s dropped a lot since then but there is still so much water that it would still be an amazing trip.

– Kelly Jackson

It’s still a blast. Keep in mind the amount of water that’s still there! We have a houseboat there. Yes, the lake is down but go explore new things while you’re there. Like we always say, it’s a different lake each time we go”

– Kree Christie

“Never pass on going to Powell. It’s paradise. She might be low, but still paradise. Navigate carefully and you’ll be fine. Enjoy!”

– Debbie Schlacter

“We would not cancel a trip. You just need to be very aware of your surroundings. No matter what Lake Powell is a awesome destination.

– Joe and Andi Lance

“The place is still paradise. Tons of new beaches & great places to explore & experience. By all means you will have a wonderful time with your houseboat.”

– Thor Odinsun

“Heard a lot of complaining about Powell lately with the low water level. Well here is my opinion… it’s still huge, still deep and still beautfiul. The lower water level has revealed amazing beaches and hikes…”

– Daniel Haslam

And Look at all the Water - Late 2022 Satellite Image

And with the massive winter snowpack (150% of average) that’s accumulated in the mountains feeding the lake, Powell is poised for a significant water-rise during the 2023 boating season. Current US Bureau of Reclamation projections forecast year-over-year rise up to 56 ft! There’s never been a better time to experience Lake Powell and there’s no better place to launch your Lake Powell vacation than at Antelope Point Marina.

Antelope Point Marina & RV Park is Perfectly Positioned for Enjoying the Lake's Lower Levels

Antelope Point Marina, located just minutes from Page, AZ and directly on the Powell’s main Colorado River Channel, is the ideal location for launching your Lake Powell get-a-way.

  • Deep-water location floats hundreds of feet above the Lake’s bottom
  • 1.5 hours closer than Wahweap Marina to all of Powell’s popular houseboating destinations.
  • Last spot to fill up when going up-lake.
  • Less fuel used boating to and from on-lake destinations.
  • Dock-side rental boat location eliminates trailering and launching requirements. Just step on boatd.
  • Avoid public launch ramp crowding and delays by using our on-site, private valet boat launch. (availablility based on lake level and boat size at time of service)